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#1 Seznamka Zralých Lidí na Internetu

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I am convinced that it is important to s
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It may sound primitive, but I want a real man in my life. Understanding of "real man" is different for everyone, some people measure it with the amount of money, another by the look and so on. For me, it is the man who keep his word. Actions speak louder than words. I want to feel a desired woman, want to feel attention and special attitude, no matter if it is flowers or just a card, bottle of honey when I'm sick or just a poem that came into your mind when you think of me. I just want to feel that very special for my beloved, and he will feel the same way close to me.A man who is able to accept me as I am, because I am not perfect but I am ready for the same in return; sharing joys and sorrows and everything that may come our way. I believe a happy relationship is like a partnership where two people are working together like a team, saving their love and positive mood no matter what!

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